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Jun 14, 2013
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How Robots Help Search and Rescue Teams
The U.S. Air Force's Collaboratory is at it again -- this time joining with leading universities to design next-gen rescue robots! Trace gives us a peek at robots that might save your life one day.
Would You Trust a Robot to Draw Your Blood?
Robots are getting crazy advanced! But would you trust one to draw your blood? Trace sits down with Annie Gaus, from TechFeed News, to discuss the wildest robots out there.
Be Afraid: Atlas Robot Unveiled
Terminator robots are REAL! Well, kind of. Boston Dynamics has unveiled its most advanced humanoid robot yet: Atlas. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Tiny Batteries Will Revolutionize Robotics
Batteries are the worst! They're inefficient and costly to make. Can the smallest lithium-ion battery ever designed revolutionize robotics? Anthony has the details.
Robot Bartender Mixes the Perfect Drink
Meet Bartendro, your robotic mixologist, here to make you a stiff one. At Maker Faire 2013, Anthony chats with one of the creators of this sweet, cocktail dispensing robot.
Crushing Cars with a Giant Robot Hand
Whoops! Someone put Anthony in control of a 30-foot-tall robot hand with the ability to lift and crush 2,000 pounds. Christian Ristow tells us how he built it, while Anthony slowly loses himself to the evil potential of such a machine.
The Plan to Stop Killer Robots!
Thirty years ago, "The Terminator" was science fiction. Today, many fear it's far too close to becoming reality. Anthony tells us about the effort underway to stop the development of KILLER ROBOTS!
Robot Jellyfish Patrolling the Oceans
The Navy has commissioned a GIANT ROBOT JELLYFISH! It's real. It works. But that's not all. Anthony shows us this amazing machine in action and explains how it may soon help patrol our oceans.
Boston Bombings: High-Tech Bomb Spotters
The bombings at the Boston Marathon brought home the challenge law enforcement faces battling smaller and smaller explosives. Trace looks at the detection methods used today, and how new technology will help make us safer in the future.
Using Drones to Protect Nature
Drones are good for more than hunting down terrorists. Groups around the world are adapting the technology to save our planet. Trace explains how in this DNews video.
Dude, Transformers are Real!
At DNews, we love robots! Thats why we're dedicating our first viral video round up to them. Anthony and Laci take a look some of the most amazing new 'bots from around the net.
Mind Control Is Here!
Paralyzed no more! That's the goal of a team of brilliant scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. They've created a special implant that connects the human brain with a robot. An implant that effectively works the same way ...
The Robot Takeover is Coming
When he learns that squirrels have taught robots to lie, Trace goes on a mission to discover if they'll be killing us all anytime soon.
Vomiting Robot Helps Humanity
Meet Vomiting Larry, the puking robot! He's been made by scientists to study one of the most contagious viruses out there, the Norovirus. Anthony shows us why Larry's work is so important... and disgusting.
Robot Rock: Fake Bands on the Rise
It seems like there are more and more fake bands these days--music produced by computers and performed by either robots or avatars. Trace looks at a few of the "virtual bands" on the rise.
Sex Robots Predicted and Pet Psychics Debunked
This Week in Discovery News we peek into a future where sex robots run the prostitution industry. Plus, we debunk pet psychics and recap stories of a fireball that exploded over central California.
Exoskeleton Helps Student Walk Explained
Four years after being paralyzed in a car accident, UC Berkeley graduate Austin Whitney was able to walk again thanks to a new robotic exoskeleton. Jorge Ribas finds out how it works.
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