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Jun 14, 2013
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Teen Inventors Amaze at Science Fair
The winners of the 2013 Google Science Fair have been announced, and the prizes this year go to some truly amazing young scientists. Trace shows us the inventions they came up with.
Mini Human "Brain" Grown in Lab
Scientists have made another huge stem cell breakthrough, this time growing a human brain tissue in a lab! Laci explains how this work might revolutionize treatment for currently untreatable conditions.
Jetpacks Approved for Flight, Still Dumb
Flying around like The Rocketeer has long been a dream of mankind. And now, that dream is closer than ever to coming true after the first of a number of jetpacks has been formally approved for flight! But don't get too excited, as Trace tells us.
Time to Switch to the Metric System!
Making the switch to the Metric System has been talked about for decades in the United States ... but nothing's ever come of all that talk. Trace explains why it's so much better and why we should take the metric plunge.
Why There's No Stopping Illegal Downloading
Illegal downloading of music was just the first step. Now it's everything from movies, to books, TV shows and computer software. And a recent study confirms: There's no stopping illegal downloads. Laci explains why.
Hyperloop vs. High-Speed Rail
Elon Musk's Hyperloop is one step closer to reality after the Tony Stark-esque entrepreneur finally released plans for his super-fast transit system. Trace shares the exciting details and compares it to other high-speed transit systems out there.
Can Lasers Save Us from Turbulence?
Plane turbulence could soon be a thing of the past! There's a new laser-based system being tested right now that could detect turbulence in a plane's path long before the first drink hits the floor. Trace explains how the system works.
3 Cool Materials that Mimic Shark Skin
Sharks are built to be the perfect killers, swimmers, and survivors. And we lowly humans are finally realizing the genius of their design. Their skin is particularly amazing. Anthony shows us why it's one of nature's engineering marvels.
World's Longest-Running Science Experiment
Sometimes scientific discoveries happen quickly, and other times it takes a while - a looong while. Trace talks about the world's longest-running laboratory experiment and shows us some others that have been going on longer than you've been alive.
How Holograms Are Getting Better Than Ever
3D is all the rage now, but holograms are really where it's at! The technology is advancing rapidly, and some think it's only a matter of time before Star Trek's holodeck can really be built. Trace looks at holograms and current holo-projects.
Will Teleportation Ever Be Possible?
Forget electric cars: Teleportation is the real transportation of the future! OK, that might be a stretch, but scientists actually have had some luck making this sci-fi fantasy a reality... sort of. Trace looks at current teleportation research.
How Scientists Stopped Light
SourceFed's Lee Newton stops by DNews to talk about an amazing scientific achievement. Scientists have managed to not only slow down light photons, but stop and hold them in place for a full minute! Lee and Anthony explain what this development means
New Atomic Clock Redefines Time
We all know atomic clocks keep the most accurate time of any clock out there -- but our idea of time is about to get a whole lot more precise. It's called an optical lattice clock, and trust us: It's gonna rock your world!
Science vs. Fiction: False Memory Implants
Veronica Belmont from "Fact or Fictional" joins Anthony to talk about implanting false memories. Is it possible, or will it forever be a thing of science fiction?
Real-Life Wolverine Claws
"The Wolverine" is one of this summer's biggest movies. And along with his super-healing powers, it's Wolverine's Adamantium skeleton and claws that makes him such a wicked superhero. Trace wonders: Is there anything like adamantium in real life?
The Coolest Things Sound Waves Do
Sound waves are all around us, and when harnessed they can do some super-cool things. Trace looks at a few ways we're using the power of sound waves to our advantage.
Imagine Cup 2013: Smart Firesuit Saves Lives
Every year firefighters are killed after becoming disoriented inside burning buildings. But with a new invention created by students in Belgium, that may be a tragedy of the past. Anthony shows us how it works and talks to its inventors.
Imagine Cup 2013: Kinect Tech in Real Weapons
The Imagine Cup team from Singapore came to the show packin' heat! Using XBox's Kinect and a smartphone app, they've devised a way to help soldiers hit targets with unparalleled precision. Anthony shows us how their system works.
Nikola Tesla Was a Badass Inventor
Nikola Tesla was one amazing inventor. More than 100 years later, his visionary work remains essential today for life as we know it. Trace shows us some of Tesla's best inventions, and proves why he was such a badass.
Imagine Cup 2013: Phone App Diagnoses Malaria
It's an app that could revolutionize malaria diagnoses, and it was designed not by a big corporation but by three students from Uganda. Anthony heads to the Imagine Cup in St. Petersburg, Russia to meet the inventors.
Mouse Cloned from Drop of Blood
Scientists have made a major advancement in the world of cloning -- creating hundreds of identical mice from a single drop of blood. The implications are pretty big. Why? Anthony Carboni has the answers.
How Fireworks Work
They're the biggest -- and loudest -- part of America's Independence Day celebrations: fireworks! Anthony tells us where they came from and what makes 'em go "BOOM!"
Human Augmentation with Jason Silva
Is using technology to better ourselves just a natural part of our evolution? Are we all already cyborgs? Anthony sits down with futurist Jason Silva to discuss the amazing things happening with human augmentation today.
Living Computer Created with Slime Mold?
The future of computing might just come from slime molds! Turns out these uber smart, super weird molds can do things that even our most advanced computers can't handle. Anthony explains why they're so cool, and what it might mean for next-gen tech.
Passwords Suck! New Tech Provides Better Security
Passwords are sooo 1995. With today's technology there are some seriously wicked new ways to secure your life. Scott Bromley from Tech Feed News joins Trace to take a look.
First Firing of "Liberator" 3D-Printed Gun
Defense Distributed has made good on its promise to produce and fire the world's first fully 3D-printed gun. Anthony looks at the impact this might have on our lives.
Solar Impulse Plane Takes Flight
Forget fossil fuel, this plane is driven by energy from the sun! Anthony woke up at the crack of dawn to watch the amazing Solar Impulse take to the sky.
Brain in a Lab Controls a Power Plant
Our brains are expert problem solvers, and now scientists are trying to use the brain's skills to revolutionize the antiquated U.S. power grid. Anthony show us how a power system run by a human brain might work.
Charge Your Cell Phone in 5 Seconds
Supercapacitors: They'll enable you to charge your cell phone in 5 seconds, or an electric car in about a minute. They're cheap, biodegradable, never wear out and as Trace'll tell you, could be powering your life sooner than you'd think.
April Fools 2013: Top 3 Hoaxes in Science
Happy April Fools day, everyone! In honor of this most important holiday, Laci Green takes a look back at some of science's most infamous hoaxes.
Google Glass: Why An Augmented Reality Is Here To Stay
Google Glass and other augmented reality projects are about to break onto the scene. But what does an augmented reality look like and how can it enhance our lives? Anthony has a sneak peak into the future.
Mind Control Is Here!
Paralyzed no more! That's the goal of a team of brilliant scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. They've created a special implant that connects the human brain with a robot. An implant that effectively works the same way ...
Recycling Blood and Guts for Food
That steak is some good eating! But for all the animal parts we do eat, there is a whole lotta stuff we don't. Trace recounts the amazing way flies are changing the way we clean up bloody, disgusting messes.
The Robot Takeover is Coming
When he learns that squirrels have taught robots to lie, Trace goes on a mission to discover if they'll be killing us all anytime soon.
Vomiting Robot Helps Humanity
Meet Vomiting Larry, the puking robot! He's been made by scientists to study one of the most contagious viruses out there, the Norovirus. Anthony shows us why Larry's work is so important... and disgusting.
Robot Rock: Fake Bands on the Rise
It seems like there are more and more fake bands these days--music produced by computers and performed by either robots or avatars. Trace looks at a few of the "virtual bands" on the rise.
4D Printing: Better Than 3D?
Forget 3D, 4D is the future! The kinks are still being worked out, but this new technology could transform life here on Earth, and even outer space. Anthony tells us how.
CES 2013: Annie and Anthony's Favorite?
Annie and Anthony went over some of their favorite things that they've seen so far at CES 2013.
CES: Make Anything with this Amazing 3D Printer
Say hello to 3D printing in your home! The Cube provides consumers with endless possibilities, watch Anthony talk with 3D Systems to get all the details, and how you can get your hands on one!
Electric Rides of the Future
While we've witnessed the rebirth of the electric car, here are three other battery powered / electric forms of transportation we can look forward to.
If the Romans Had Glass Balls...
This week in Discovery News, Trace walks with giants. The world's largest dog (and cat), a massive marble that could change how we consume solar energy, and a huge Roman mosaic found under a farmer's field!
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