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Nov 20, 2012
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The Amazing Spider-Man: Making 3D Movies
In the reboot of the Spider-Man series we get to see the famous web-slinger in 3D. Martin Berman talks with a 3D technology expert who explains how it works and how it can "define a new visual language."
Men In Black 3: 'Big Mishmash' of Aliens, 3D, Fun
"Men In Black 3," with its funny-looking aliens, big guns, slime and guts, relies heavily on special effects. Martin Berman talks to the team that makes the unbelievable look real.
Magnetic Morphing Ferrofluid Explained
What looks like some strange alien material is a magnetic liquid with both practical and aesthetic purposes. Martin Berman talks to an electrical engineer to discuss what it is and how it's used.
Exoskeleton Helps Student Walk Explained
Four years after being paralyzed in a car accident, UC Berkeley graduate Austin Whitney was able to walk again thanks to a new robotic exoskeleton. Jorge Ribas finds out how it works.
Nano Device Delivers Drugs Faster
Engineers have developed a prototype nanotechnology device that could speed up the delivery of drugs for life-threatening illnesses. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports.
New Submarine Prepares for Ocean Depths
The Triton 36,000 could be the first manned submarine to make repeated trips to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, according to the ship's manufacturer. Jorge Ribas reports.
Special Effects Get Science Lesson
Disaster movies and sci-fi epics could get a lot more realistic thanks to the field of fluid dynamics, which is giving filmmakers new ways of creating better visual effects, from tidal waves to explosions. Jorge Ribas reports.
Tron Legacy: Living in a Digital World
Social media websites, online gaming, and ubiquitous mobile technology: Who's to say we're not already living in a virtual landscape like the one depicted in Tron: Legacy? Jorge Ribas talks to the film's cast and crew to get their take.
Tron Legacy: Building the Grid
Before light cycles, teleportation, glowing jumpsuits and identity discs could exist on the Grid, the creators of Tron: Legacy met with scientists in our world. Jorge Ribas talks to the film's crew to find out what they learned.
Tron Legacy: Jeff Bridges Gets Digitally De-Aged
Before actor Jeff Bridges could reprise his role in the Tron sequel, he had to get digital botox. But how will facial mapping technology change the way roles are cast in the future? Jorge Ribas talks to the cast and crew of Tron: Legacy to find out.
Chaplin's Time Traveler Explained
Is that a time traveler chatting on a cell phone in an old Charlie Chaplin film from 1928? James Williams gets two possible explanations on what's happening in this viral YouTube video.
Robot Gripper Picks Up Anything
The rubber stress ball on your desk could usher in the next generation of robotic grippers. Researchers have built a gripper using a rubber membrane filled with everyday materials that can pick up anything from an egg to a glass of water.
New App Makes Bad Singers Better
A new app, currently on iPhone, is opening a new chapter in music creation that means anyone can turn out tunes. Click on the link to the right to read all about it.
Bus Tracking System Gives Users Easy Ride
Technology is giving bus riders real-time information about their transits arrival. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports on how this technology is saving riders time and money.
World Cup Ball: What's Wrong With It?
Players and coaches at the 2010 World Cup are complaining that the Jabulani, the tournament's official ball, behaves unpredictably. Jorge Ribas talks to a NASA aerospace engineer and a pro soccer player to find out the science behind the ball.
Mind-Controlled Robot Uses Human Brainwaves
University of Washington researchers have developed a mind-controlled robot that operates on human brainwaves. Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out the human benefits of such a robot.
Synthetic Life Becomes Reality
Scientists from the J. Craig Venter Institute have produced a living cell powered by manmade DNA, creating what they call the world's first synthetic cell. Lead researcher Craig Venter talks about what this milestone means.
Q&A: Synthetic Life
Biologist J. Craig Venter helped crack the human genome. His next goal: create life. Jorge Ribas talks to him about the promise and perils of synthetic biology.
Video Game Evolution
From Atari to Nintento to the XBox 360, the home video game console has been a part of our lives for 40 years. Jorge Ribas looks back at Pong, Super Mario and more.
Killing Anthrax Faster and Greener
Current methods of killing anthrax can be corrosive and time consuming, but one New Jersey scientist thinks he's found a better way to destroy this bioweapon.
LHC Collides At Record Speeds
The Large Hadron Collider is breaking records by smashing protons together at record energies. Discovery News' James Williams and Ian O'Neill explain what's going on and why it matters.
Dump Truck Destroys Highway Bridge Explained
When a dump truck plowed through a pedestrian highway bridge in Turkey, we wondered how it was that nobody was seriously hurt. James Williams gets the explanation.
Homeland Security Seeks Levee Patch Ideas
The Dept. of Homeland Security is searching for the most effective way to quickly patch breached levees. Discovery News' James Williams reviews some of the options.
What Does a Black Box Do?
The cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder provide crucial clues for airline detectives investigating the cause of a plane crash. Jorge Ribas finds out how the devices work.
Earthquake Shake Table Rocks Buildings
Building designs are put to the test on the University of California-San Diego shake table, where engineers recreate destructive earthquakes to help make our structures safer and survivable. Jorge Ribas reports.
What's a Virtual Colonoscopy?
Virtual colonoscopies offer a new, less invasive way to get screened for colon cancer. A Cleveland Clinic colorectal surgeon explains how it differs from a traditional procedure.
NASA's Puffin: Your Personal Aircraft?
Engineers from the NASA Langley Research Center unveiled plans to build a personal flying machine that would run on a set of electric motors. Jorge Ribas reports on the aptly named Puffin, which is still in the early stages of development.
Advanced T- Rays Peek Inside Objects
New t-ray technology may leave little to the imagination when it comes to airport security. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports on how advancements in t-ray technology allows the rays to penetrate objects and differentiate medicine from illegal drugs.
Man Controls Robotic Hand with Mind
For a month, Pierpaolo Petruzziello's amputated arm was connected to a robotic limb, allowing him to feel sensations and control the arm with his thoughts. Rossella Lorenzi talks to him about the bionic experiment.
Robotic Fish Helps Monitor Waters
A team of MIT researchers are refining robotic fish technology, with the hope of using it on reconnoissance missions, or for monitoring our waters.
D.C. Hockey Uniforms Save Energy
The Washington Capitals show off thier NHL uniforms loaded with new fabric technology designed to keep players speedy and light on the ice. Discovery News' James Williams checks it out.
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