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Nov 20, 2012
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NASA's Puffin: Your Personal Aircraft?
Engineers from the NASA Langley Research Center unveiled plans to build a personal flying machine that would run on a set of electric motors. Jorge Ribas reports on the aptly named Puffin, which is still in the early stages of development.
Blind Drivers Hit The Road
Blind drivers are taking a test spin in a new vehicle that allows them to cruise without seeing. Built by mechanical engineers at Virginia Tech, the vehicle could pave the way for a change in perceptions of the blind. James Williams reports.
Is It Future Yet? :: Robot Cars
Why drive when robots can do it for you? Researchers at Virginia Tech take Jorge Ribas on a ride into the future of your commute.
Flying Car Takes Off
A new flying car has made its first successful trip down the runway.
Maglev Trains
The fastest trains ever built are turning hour-long, traffic-jammed commutes into futuristic joyrides. So when can we expect a maglev train here in the United States? Jorge Ribas finds out.
Is It Future Yet?: Hydrogen Cars
The Hydrogen Road Tour makes a pit stop in Washington, D.C., and Jorge Ribas takes a hydrogen fuel cell-powered car for a spin around the block.
Down Future Roads, Everyone's Talking
Cars talking to other cars, movies beamed right to your dashboard, your GPS letting you know there's an accident ahead. Traffic expert Rick Dye weighs in on the future of driving.
Electric Car Feeds Grid
V2G technology can turn an electric car into a moving power station. Jorge Ribas rides shotgun with Willett Kempton, the man behind the concept.
Green Light for Robotic Roads
Cars that can talk to each other, to street lights and even to your mobile phone. In New York City, Jorge Ribas gets a glimpse into the future of transportation.
Innovation Hits the Road
Dashboards that recognize your face, cameras that count the cars on the road... find out what else Jorge Ribas saw at the World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems.
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