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Apr 10, 2014 12:05 PM ET // Daniel P. Howley,
MacRumors predicts the iWatch will be available with a 1.3-inch and/or a 1.5-inch display.
Oct 24, 2013 10:35 AM ET // Nic Halverson
Wristify sends rapid thermal pulses into the wrist to cool or warm users until they're comfy. Continue reading →
Oct 1, 2013 08:25 AM ET // Rob Pegoraro
If you've been hoping to make a phone call from a watch, your wait is over. Continue reading →
Nov 30, 2011 12:00 PM ET // Alice Truong
Say goodbye to replacing watch batteries. Cadence's Ecomatic is a watch that winds itself, powered by the wearer's movements. The watch has a power reserve of 36 hours, and it can also be manually wound if you decide to stay in bed for the weekend. Automatic watches might mean less hassle for you, ...
Jul 5, 2012 04:25 PM ET // Eric Rogell
Batteries die. Winding is a pain. But as far as the guys with telescopes tell us, the sun is going to be around for a while. A long, long while. That's why, when it comes to keeping time, we've been turning to the sun for centuries. So don't stop now... The Helios watch from Stauer [...]
Sep 5, 2012 05:33 PM ET // Alice Truong
Luxury and adventure meet in Kobold's Himalaya Everest Edition watch, a timepiece crafted from a piece of the peak itself. Made from a piece of rock collected from Everest's summit, more than 8,800 meters above sea level, the material for the watch face was brought down from the mountain by Michael...
Aug 26, 2011 12:00 PM ET // Alice Truong
What you see is a concept watch that someone will probably mass produce in the near future. The winner of the NVArt Special Prize for Best Product Visualization, this mechanical clock is made of three rings that rotate individually telling you the hour, minute and second of the day, respectively, h...
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