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May 1, 2016 07:00 AM ET // Tracy Staedter
A crazy, twisting slide, a hovering drone camera and a garden barge floating in New York's harbor top this week's Tasty Tech gallery.
Apr 14, 2016 08:50 AM ET // Allison Barrie, FoxNews/SciTech
A 32-ton armored vehicle can punch holes through concrete, fire rockets, and carve safe passage through minefields for soldiers.
Dec 27, 2014 01:17 PM ET // Elizabeth Palermo, LiveScience
The U.S.'s newest military drone could someday transport troops or wounded soldiers.
Apr 15, 2014 03:45 PM ET // Evan Ackerman, IEEE Spectrum
Old UAVs could form ad-hoc networks for frontline troops.
Mar 21, 2014 03:00 AM ET // Evan Ackerman, IEEE Spectrum
It's certainly no secret what the air force of the future will look like, and it's not going to involve humans.
Mar 14, 2014 03:00 PM ET // Erico Guizzo, IEEE Spectrum
HyQ, a four-legged robot, is smarter and more autonomous than ever.
Mar 4, 2014 10:10 AM ET // Philip E. Ross, IEEE Spectrum
Renamed Ares, after the Roman god of war, this vehicle can serve soldiers autonomously over land, air and sea.
Aug 16, 2013 04:10 PM ET // Jesse Emspak
When a sub goes down, it's possible to get the sailors out with sophisticated deep-sea vehicles and even escape suits.
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