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Apr 2, 2014 10:40 AM ET // Evan Ackerman, IEEE Spectrum
A German laboratory presents their most ambitious bioinspired robot yet.
Mar 15, 2014 06:30 AM ET // Tracy Staedter
This week we focus on the future, when the world is flooded, when fossil fuels are defunct and when robots do the heavy-lifting.
Mar 14, 2014 10:11 AM ET // Nic Halverson
Industrial robots could one day use bionic elephant trunks to change lightbulbs or pick apples. Continue reading →
Feb 13, 2014 10:30 AM ET // Alyssa Danigelis
Meet Ninjabot, an ultrafast underwater robot modeled after a killer shrimp.
Feb 13, 2014 02:00 PM ET // Eric Niiler
Autonomous crawlers mimic insect workers using sense and avoid commands.
Feb 6, 2014 01:40 PM ET // Nic Halverson
This robust, autonomous system tumbles across barren landscapes to collect data on why fertile land turns into deserts. Continue reading →
Jan 2, 2014 09:35 AM ET // AFP
The six-legged Abigaille climbing robot clings to surfaces using a gecko-inspired dry adhesive technology.
Dec 16, 2013 07:00 AM ET // Jesse Emspak
Although the human form is tricky to mimic, it's necessary as people and machines work more closely together.
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