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4. Zip Lines from Drop Ships

Many summer camps offer zip lines through the woods, and Navy SEALS use them to enter a battlefield from hovering helicopters. But jumping from a quadcopter a few thousand feet above the war zone? There is a correlation in the real world, according to Kramer. Stuntmen and women use a device called a Descender -- a wire attached to a coil -- to drop down into a scene. They control the descent and can slow down their momentum. If you look closely during the early battle scenes, you can see similar coils in the dropship.

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5. Head-up Display

Watch for the head-up display shown in the quadcopters late in the film. A shimmering orange display appears in a windshield, which helps the pilot focus on the action at hand. What you might not realize, if you have never driven a Corvette, is that the technology is available today. A projector shines the display onto the windshield so you can see your speed, navigation and even the current gear as you focus on the road. The upcoming 2015 Kia K900 even adds your current cruise control setting.

6. Transponder

Spoiler Alert! One of the movie’s plot devices is a gadget that allows soldiers to read the minds of the alien. Tom Cruise's character jams one into his leg to find the location of the alien's Omega -- the “overlord” who controls the Mimics. You may think mind control is the stuff of fiction, but toys like the Uncle Milton Force Trainer from a few years ago can tap into EEG signals in the brain. It’s not so unrealistic.

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