Edge of Tomorrow: Future Tech Innovations


Futuristic military technology, weapons and gadgets take center stage in the science fiction film "Edge of Tomorrow," which features Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt wearing exoskeletons, wielding machine guns and traveling through time.

Is any of this possible?

With Iron Man 3 rockin' the box office, Trace decided it was time to look at the ways we can outfit ourselves like Tony Stark. Check out his list of the coolest exoskeleton projects out there!
Courtesy Raytheon Company

We checked in with Sony Imageworks, the effects studio behind most of the realistic weaponry and tech. The answers might surprise you.

1. Exoskeletons

Many of the characters in the movie wear an “Exo-Suit," taken directly from Hiroshi Sakuzara’s 2004 novel, "All You Need is Kill." Soldiers can run faster, punch harder, swing a helicopter blade and even use a zip line from a quadcopter. Seem far-fetched? A company called Ekso Bionics is working on an exoskeleton suit to help paraplegics walk again. Special effects supervisor Daniel Jramer said the filmmakers built an actual suit for Cruise, who wears it in many scenes.

2. Quadcopters

The quadcopters in the film, based loosely on the Bell Boeing Quad TiltRotor, are available today as toys -- and you can control them from your phone. About the size of a pillow, quads like the upcoming Parrot Bebop and the DJI Phantom Vision can make steep banking maneuvers, hover above your backyard pool and rise to incredible heights (limited by FAA regulations to about 400 feet). Kramer says the real inspiration was the Bell Boeing Osprey heli that can tilt its engines at an angle and fly like a plane or a helicopter.

3. Time Reset

Could we ever invent a technology to reset a day and start over? The aliens in the movie, known as the Mimics, use time travel as a battle strategy to surprise Earth forces and gain an advantage. By repeating the same battle, they learn how troops gather and create a massive trap for the enemy. While that’s not remotely possible, there is something to be said for the tactic of watching troop movements, predicting patterns and pouncing on vulnerabilities.

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