Get Touchy-Feely With Olympic Beatbox


Friday night's elaborate opening ceremonies may have stolen the show as the London Summer Games officially kicked off, but another attraction also made its splashy Olympic debut.


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Coca-Cola's Beatbox of sound and light, a pavilion that responds to touch, opened yesterday to coincide with the opening ceremonies of the 33rd Olympiad.

Designed by Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt, the public installation combines experimental architecture and pioneering sound technology to create a multi-sensory experience.

Visitors are invited to get touchy-feely with the Coca-Cola Beatbox, as it's meant to be "played." Over 200 translucent, touch-sensitive air cushions make up the installation. Touching the sound-embedded architecture, allows visitors to create their own beat and remix sounds of the Olympic sports featured in Grammy award-winning producer and DJ Mark Ronson's Olympic anthem "Anywhere In The World."

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Recorded sounds include squeaking shoes, heart beats and arrows hitting targets. But the installation isn't just candy for the eye and ear. Visitors can even climb to the top of the pavilion by way of a 656 foot ramp. Its summit offers stunning views over Olympic Park. The ramp then descends into the core of the pavilion and features an interactive light installation by Jason Bruges.

"We have sought out some of the most innovative engineers in the UK to work with us to realise our vision — a building with a beat" Ohrstedt explained about the project developed with structural engineers AKT II. "The Coca-Cola Beatbox is a sensory experience that fuses design, music, sport and architecture. It is something that people have never seen or heard before!"

via Inhabitat

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