Kit Adds Propeller Power to Paper Airplane


Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit: $19.99

There's nothing like folding paper airplanes to unleash a person's creativity and flex some engineering muscle, but the sorry truth is that not all such creations fly well. For all those frustrated by the harsh realities, relief is in sight at last in the form of ThinkGeek's new Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit.

Why Do We Fart More On Planes?

Simply clip the device's “propeller-stalk thing,” as ThinkGeek calls it, onto the front of any paper airplane. The prop itself will stick out the back. From there, it's simply a matter of holding the battery pack up to the front for about 20 seconds, allowing the propeller motor to wind up. And voila! The device is charged and ready for about 90 seconds of propeller-driven flight. The creator of the initially ill-favored aircraft, meanwhile, will be transformed, as ThinkGeek says, into “the ruler of the air.”

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