iPhone Combusts Mid-flight


On Friday, a passenger aboard Australian flight Regional Express ZL319 got an unwelcomed landing gift when their iPhone 4 started spewing smoke and emitting a red glow while en route to Sydney.

According to the airline, this occurred while the plane was preparing for landing and it was extinguished by a flight attendant immediately and handed over to officials. There's no word yet on why it happened, but it had to have been a pretty big deal by the looks of the photo. 

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This isn't the first time iPhones have overheated or exploded. In 2009 instances of iPhones exploding in Europe happened so often that the European Union launched an investigation. There were also reports of iPod Touch overheating, exploding or shattering its screen in France.

You'd think something that could survive a fall from 1,000 feet out of an airplane going 150 mph could handle a two-hour flight from Lismore to Sydney. 

Via: BGR 

Credit: Regional Express 

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