Wi-Fi Enables Whole House Gesture Control


If you have Microsoft’s Xbox 360 with Kinect game console (above) in your home, then you’re familiar with gesture control. Your body becomes the joystick because the device translates your movements into on-screen motion. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone also works using gestures — just swipe your hand over the screen (without touching it) to answer an incoming call. Both of these devices use a camera or some other kind of motion-tracking sensor to capture movements and convert them into a computer command.

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But now computer scientists at University of Washington have shown that it’s possible to attain gesture control with a Wi-Fi signal. According to the researchers, the “WiSee” concept is simpler and cheaper than devices such as Kinect and because Wi-Fi travels through walls, doesn’t require that the person is standing directly in front of the device that they want to control.

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The team presented their technology at the 19th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking.

via Physorg

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