Who Needs a Knife? Real-life Fruit Ninja Slices Produce with Playing Cards (Video)

Image: Screenshot

In eastern China, there’s a man who doesn’t need knives to slice vegetables. Instead, the 48-year-old Ye Tongxin throws playing cards.

Tongxin, of Nanjing, been training 10 years trying to break the world record for slicing cucumbers with playing cards, according to WTSP. Training entails flying cards at racing (razor?) speeds toward fruits and veggies. Take a look at what he can do to watermelons.

Image: Screenshot

The record itself entails slicing 18 cucumber-shaped bags hanging off a 2-by-1.5-meter frame in 60 seconds, something he hopes to accomplish by the end of the year. His best performance so far is 12 cucumbers in 47.2 seconds.


Talk about a real-life fruit ninja.

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