Turn Your iPhone Into A Disposable Camera

Image: Sincerely Inc

In the age of smartphone cameras, has the disposable camera fallen by the wayside, relegated only as gimmicks for weddings?

Turns out you can combine the two. Sincerely Inc’s Dotti is a new disposable camera app for iOS and Android devices. Nothing is disposable, but you do end up with actual photos you can hold, pass around or stick in an album (does anyone do that anymore?).

The app is free, but for $4.99 (or $5.99 if you’re outside the U.S.), you get a dozen 4-by-6-inch prints. Doubles cost an additional $3, and all these prices include shipping.

Image: Sincerely Inc

Here’s how it works: The app loads a theoretical roll of film that holds 12 images, which can be reviewed. Once you figure out the perfect dozen, the roll is developed and sent in a sturdy envelope to your home or another recipient within a week.

Image: Sincerely Inc

The obvious question here is: Wouldn’t this be cheaper if you took a bunch of photos to develop at CVS? Yes, but would you take the effort to do so? The appeal here is the ease, and let’s face it, your laziness.

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