TSA's 10 Best Catches of 2011: Snakes, Batman Knife, Landmines

Image: TSA

We give the TSA a lot of flack for its screening process. But after the agency recently unveiled its top 10 catches of 2011, we can feel safer knowing our planes are gun-, knife-, explosive- and snake-free.

“Some are dangerous, some simply look dangerous and can cause major delays, and others are just plain weird,” the TSA‘s blog writes. Just plain weird is right. Check out the full list below in descending order:

10. Snakes, turtles and birds. (I can’t help myself: SNAKES ON A PLANE!)

9. A science project

Image: TSA

8. A Tactical Spike, a non-metallic martial arts weapon, found in a sock.

7. Inert landmines

6. A stun gun disguised as a smartphone

5. A flare gun with seven flares as well as a Batman knife (see left).

4. Two throwing knives concealed in a hollowed-out book

2. A loaded .380 pistol strapped to a passenger’s ankle

1. A half ounce of C4 explosives

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