Stylish LED Bulb Features 3D-Printed Cityscape (Photos)

Image: David Graas

Lighting can accentuate the architecture of your home, but one bulb takes that to a different level.

The 3D-printed light bulb Huddle features a miniature cityscape, with high rise buildings clustered together. But in addition to the urban environment’s obvious influence, the five-watt LED bulb is also inspired by how penguins huddle to survive extreme winters in the Antarctic, according to designer David Graas.

Just like the penguins in the Antarctic huddle to survive the extreme cold during the winter time also people have taken on huddling as a strategy for survival. The mega city, despite its many problems, seems to be our destined habitat now that resources are becoming scarce. The mega city also hold the key to a sustainable future with its concentration of information, technology and talent.
Image: David Graas

Grass employs the use of 3D printing because he believes the technology will become a staple of modern city infrastructure, eliminating the need for transporting materials and products. “Your products printed on demand right where you want them. Making global design locally available.” If you’re interested in one of your own, Huddle is sold for €185, or $238.

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