Natural Ebony Headphones Use Wood to Deliver Rock


Tired of tiny, tinny earbuds and plastic headphones that look as cheap as they sound? Choose Mother Nature’s own artistry instead.

The Rosewood headphones from BiGR Audio, maker of environmentally conscious consumer electronics, takes the latest in audio engineering, and some of the most advanced driver technology, and surrounds them in beautiful natural ebony, letting the wood’s patterns and color turn each pair into a unique piece of functional art.

The wood housing gives the Rosewood excellent noise-canceling ability and also absorbs sharp noise and echo to deliver smooth sound whether you’re rocking rock, or mellowing out to the blues.

They come with a detachable cable with an in-line microphone for taking calls on your smartphone between tunes, and have a foldable headset frame for easy travel.

In keeping with BiGR’s eco-consciousness, they forego the traditional paper and plastic packaging that gets thrown away the minute you open the product. Instead, all of their headphones come packed in bamboo boxes you’d never want to throw away, for sustainability and reusability. Their motto is: “There’s no need to dispose of a beautiful, high-quality, highly functional piece of storage decor, just because the gift has been unwrapped.” And that should be music to your ears.



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