Music Customized For Your Heartbeat


There are personal playlists and then there are playlists that practically come from within. One streaming music service is eyeing tech that could tailor tunes based on what your body is actually doing.

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The music service of the future could deliver running songs that maintain an elevated heart rate and playlists that help listeners warm up on cold days. Streaming music services like Pandora and already have recommendation engines and tools to customize music for listeners, but the company Spotify is discussing bringing in sensor data.

“The more we know about you, the better the engine can be,” Spotify project manager Donovan Sung recently told TechRadar’s Chris Smith. “Maybe with motion sensors in phones, we can start guessing things like ‘are you running, biking or driving?’ Maybe it has a temperature sensor, or a heart rate sensor so we can get a sense of whether you’re tense.”

Sung also indicated that the company is contemplating pulling in other data like sleep habits and wake-up times. Spotify isn’t entirely tech-driven, though. According to Smith, they employ a human editorial team to augment their algorithms.

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Using sensors is just an idea right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we started seeing this take shape for real soon. Even the most advanced algorithms can’t always successfully predict subjective tastes music. Incorporating clues from sensors could make music streaming much stronger: Fewer skipped songs, more head bobbing.

Credit: Nickolai Kashirin

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