Jawbone's UP Health Tracker Finally Returns -- Now with a Higher Price Tag (Photos)

Image: Jawbone

It’s been a long year for Jawbone’s UP wristband tracker.

Shortly after its release last November, a firmware update had bricked the tracker. The company reacted graciously, issuing refunds to all its customers, including those who weren’t affected. But now — a year later and in time for the holidays — the UP’s back on the market (coincidentally, on the same day the Fitbit One begins shipping).

Image: Jawbone
Image: Jawbone

The wristband aims to be a comprehensive health monitor that tracks your:

  • Sleep: It uses movement to monitor your sleep quality. UP also includes a silent alarm that wakes you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle.
  • Activity: Steps, distance, calories burned, active vs. idle time, intensity of movement. The tracker will also vibrate to nudge you to move when you’ve been inactive.
  • Food: Create a food journal by taking photos of your meals, or scan barcodes for more nutritional information.


Image: Jawbone

Jawbone calls its personalized insights “a narrative of your daily life.” For example, by keeping tabs on how you feel throughout the day, UP correlates your other stats (see above) and how they affect your mood.

Though fans will be happy that UP is finally seeing the light of day, they might balk at the higher price tag: $129.99, compared with the previous $99.99.

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