Ultra Durable Case Turns iPhone into an Action Camera

Image: Action Cases

It would appear that the iPhone would be a great adventure companion. It’s small, always in your pocket and has a fantastic camera. But it’s also so darn fragile.

A Kickstarter project has developed an ultra-durable iPhone case that can be used on any GoPro mount, allowing you to capture amazing footage on your adventures. Just attach it to your helmet, bike, car, body, pet or anything else that moves.

Image: Action Cases

While it seems the Action Case can ride through most adventures with you, note that it’s not impervious to water, TechCrunch warned.

Friendly warning: the Action Case isn’t waterproof, so while you can definitely mount your iPhone on your surfboard, you’re almost certainly going to regret it. Also, the touchscreen is left uncovered (for obvious reasons), so don’t go thinking your phone is suddenly Superman.
Image: Action Cases

Backers who pledge $49 or more will receive the first iPhone 4 Action Case. For those who pledge at least $89, they get the Action case along with the GoPro Chest Harness (see photo below). Funding will go toward the cost of tooling and manufacturing. The hope is to create the highest quality polypropylene plastic with stainless steel pins for the final product.

Image: Action Cases

While this seems like a fun way to chronicle adventures, maybe someone should’ve told the people at Action Cases that the iPhone 4 is about to be passé any day now with the the iPhone 5‘s pending arrival.

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