Hydrogen-Powered Luxury Boat Uses Water for Fuel, Yours for $300K


Eco-minded boating enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that for a paltry $300,000, they can own the MIG 675, a vessel that uses water as fuel. What efficiency, right?

With a hydrogen generator on board, LUXURY’s MIG 675 harvests hydrogen from surrounding seawater, Gizmag reports. This powers not only the boat but also its electronic devices, including GPS, electric anchor roller, 10-inch touchscreen controller, audio system, LED navigation system and bar fridge with an electric retractable table.


The generator’s efficiency is still unclear. It’ll likely need fuel to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water to power the boat. Given our current technology, hydrogen generators use more power than they can create in fuel, so that said, it might not be the greenest boat in the sea. Our sister site Treehuger breaks it down why the MIG 675 might not live to its hype:

First, it must be noted that here on Earth, hydrogen is not a source of energy, but rather a way to store energy produced by something else. That’s because we don’t have access to pure hydrogen. All the hydrogen that we can find is tied to other atoms (like oxygen, making H2O, or water), and it takes energy to split them apart and get pure hydrogen. If we could drill somewhere and have a gusher of pure hydrogen coming out, we could use it straight in fuel cells or in special internal combustion engines, and that would be a source of energy. But as things are, we always need energy to split hydrogen from other things, and that always uses more energy than we can then get out from the resulting hydrogen, making it only storage . So if the boat really takes seawater and splits it to extract the hydrogen, it can’t do that using rainbows and unicorn dust, it needs a source of energy. Onboard a boat, that would most likely be a diesel generator. The problem is that with each step, you lose energy because nothing is 100% efficient.

The 2,866-pound boat, with a cabin that can hold three, has a top-speed of 70 miles per hour and comes with a number of amenities, including shower, toilet, sun deck, teak flooring and leather interior. The MIG 675 will be available for 250,000 euros, or US$329,727, beginning next year. If you end up buying one, please drop me a line.


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