Hacking a Functional Angry Birds Slingshot (Video)

Image: Sound + Design

Angry Birds took the world by storm beginning with mobile. Now, there’s no limit to how people can play the game, whether it be in space or on their TVs.

The desktop version just got a fun Arduino slingshot controller, Gizmag reports. For a haptics class project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz used an audio mixer’s motorized fader, Arduino-based microcontroller and software program to match the position and force from the physical controller to the game itself (see video below).


Doing so allows them to build a slider that feels like it’s on a spring, creating a trajectory that feels more natural than a computer mouse. There’s also a TNT box that triggers special effects.

Image: Sound + Design

Sadly for Angry Birds fans, while this is a cool project, there aren’t plans to bring this to market.

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