Grilled Cheese Delivered by Parachute


Watch out, Amazon: An Australian eatery that delivers grilled cheese sandwiches via parachute to waiting customers just got enough funding to bring their high-flying method to North American cities.

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The whole thing started last year with a Melbourne eatery called Jafflechutes. For the uninitiated, a “jaffle” is the local term for a grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of handing orders to customers, they attached them to little parachutes, flung them out a window and let them sail down to customers waiting near an X below.

“We stumbled into doing jafflechutes after a weekend at a countryside Airbnb rental without electricity or Internet,” co-creator Adam Grant told Co.Exist. This week Jafflechutes reached its crowd-sourced funding goal to bring “the world’s first float-down eatery” to North America, starting with Montreal and New York. The exact spots are yet to be revealed. The $5,357 raised will go to ingredients, travel and materials for hand-making the parachutes.

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Yes it’s silly, decidedly low-tech and a few of the early orders got stuck on a building ledge (video below). Wind and trees are among the biggest challenges for this pop-up endeavor, but having a little parachute deliver food is more fun than waiting in a long food truck line. Plus they make a grilled cheese with tomato. Things are looking up for lunch.

Photo: Jafflechutes is bringing their flying cheese sandwiches to North America. Credit: Jafflechutes, Klaus and Fritz.

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