Google Glass Drops Invite-Only for One Day


It’s tax day and for those of you getting a fat refund, Google knows just where you can spend it.

For one day and one day only, they’re dropping the whole only-cool-kids-invited-to-try-Glass-and-you’re-not-one, and allowing us average schmucks to get one. For a mere $1,500 + tax, you can become an Explorer, the community of Glass users testing, hacking and exploring how to use the specs to their fullest. For that, you’ll get Glass, a charger, a pouch, a mono earbud and your choice of a shade or frame.

With Google Glass, A Wink Snaps A Photo

No need to justify your existence either, and explain why you deserve to own a pair.

Later this week Google will be rolling out the next round of updates for Glass, including Android Kit Kat support, improved battery life and the removal of video call capability. So get ‘em while the getting’s hot.

Credit: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

via Techcrunch

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