Glasses Fog Up to Save Your Eyes


Given that you’re reading this online, there’s a very good chance that you do a lot of staring at computer screens. Well, all that blinkless, wide-eyed gazing isn’t so good for your peepers. It can lead to computer vision syndrome, with a range of temporary symptoms like headache, dry eyes and double vision.

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Masunaga Optical thinks they have a solution, at least for the dry eyes. The Japanese company has created Wink Glasses — spectacles that fog up for a fraction of a second every 10 seconds. This split-second opaqueness causes wearers to blink, thus moisturizing their eyes.

The glasses weigh slightly more than regular frames and include a small battery in the left temple piece that’s connected to the lenses, which are covered with liquid crystal sheets. The fogging mode can be activated by a small button on the right temple piece.

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Wink Glasses are available for $150 in Japan and can be fitted with prescription lenses for an extra charge. If your computer vision syndrome hasn’t kicked in quite yet and your eyes have enough stamina for one more video, you can watch the glasses fog up for yourself. Just remember to blink.

via CNET

Credit: Masunaga Optical, YouTube screengrab

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