Feather-Light Down Jacket Warms You in Extreme Climates, Folds to Fit in a Pocket

The HyBridge Lite is packed with 800 fill power goose down, but folds into a pouch (Images: Canada Goose)

In some areas (like Bryce Canyon in July, for instance), you can be hiking through frost-covered trails in 35 degree weather in the morning, and then find yourself baking in mid 80s temps by mid afternoon. Layers aren’t just a good idea here, they’re a necessity.

But jackets that can handle these temps, and below, tend to be bulky space hogs taking up more than their share of precious room in your pack. Not exactly convenient or practical. The HyBridge Lite takes care of that.

The HyBridge not only weighs in at an impossibly light 6 ounces, but it’s also designed to fold down and pack into a small pouch sewn into the left front pocket. I know, you can buy any number of windbreakers that do the same thing… but the HyBridge is packed full with 800 fill power Hutterite white goose down, a premium down known for its ability to retain more warmth. It’s puffier than Charles Barkley after a free strip club buffet, and still easy to squash down in your pack in less space than your favorite fleece.

Also available in a "sleeve free" version

Also available as a vest for those who prefer the carefree bare arms look, the HyBridge has Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric down the sides for optimum flexibility and mobility when wearing it during strenuous activities or a snowball fight. Thumb holes in the cuff keep the sleeves where they belong, and the abrasion-resistant nylon shell can take a beating and still look fireside fresh for your après-ski photos.

HyBridge Jacket – $450

HyBridge Vest – $350


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