How to Embed an RFID Transit Pass into Your Phone (Video)

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More cities are increasingly adopting the use of RFID in their transit cards, allowing commuters to tap their wallets on a reader to pay for their fares without swiping. That’s convenient enough as is, but one person decided to hack the idea to embed the RFID chip inside her phone.

Becky Stern dissolved her Boston transit pass, the CharlieCard, in acetone, leaving behind the RFID antenna and chip.

Image: Screenshot

After some trial and error, she discovered that the chip scanned more reliably with some air space because of the proximity to metal. This was done by taping the RDID innards to a piece of paper.


She was able to insert this into the back panel of her phone. If you don’t want to take apart your phone, there are plenty of other options to explore with the extracted RFID parts. One guy was able to embed a transit card into a ring.

Image: Screenshot

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