DIY Kit Lets Plants Tweet at You When Thirsty

Image: SparkFun

For new gardeners, it can be difficult to gauge if you’re watering your plants too much or too little (chances are, it’s the former). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your plants could just tell you?

Botanicalls Kits helps plants communicate with their human caretakers — on Twitter no less. When your budding basil plant needs water, it’ll tweet to let you know. When you hydrate it, it can tweet to say thanks. You can see the status updates of @pothos, a Botanicalls plant, below:

You didn’t water me enough. [822-53] — pothos (@pothos) January 27, 2012
Current Moisture: 58% [822-52] — pothos (@pothos) January 24, 2012
Water me please. [822-50] — pothos (@pothos) January 20, 2012  
Image: SparkFun

The DIY kit comes pre-programmed, but you can customize your own messages. You only have to supply the plant, network connection, ethernet cable and power outlet. The end product is a leaf-shaped electronic chip with two metal prongs that go into the plant’s soil.

The Botanicalls Kit is available for $99.95 on SparkFun.

Image: SparkFun
Image: SparkFun

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