Designer Builds Slick $9 Bike Made of Cardboard (Video)

Image: Screenshot

Bicyclists already have low-carbon footprints, but designer Izhar Gafni decided to go one step further: build a bicycle out of cardboard.

Inspired by a cardboard canoe, Gafni set out on this task to create a bike version. He first ran the idea by three engineers. “They said it’s impossible,” Gafni recalled. “There’s no way it can be done.” But his wife encouraged him to try nonetheless.


To increase the cardboard’s strength, he borrowed a trick from origami. Folding a piece of paper over once increases the strength threefold, he said, so he applied this concept to cardboard.

Image: Screenshot
Image: Screenshot

“It’s strong, it’s durable, it’s cheap,” Gafni said of the final product that cost $9 in parts.


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