Brew Cave is a Walk-in Cooler for Man Caves

Image: KegWorks

Serious beer drinkers don’t leave their cold ones in the fridge. No, they have a Brew Cave.

The $6,700 walk-in beer cooler and kegerator is a climate-controlled room (32 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect brew temperature) with space for 30 cases and four kegs, with a spout accessible from the outside. The convincing marketing copy is below:

This isn’t your typical beverage cooler; it’s more like a piece of heaven, if heaven were climate controlled and located in your basement. Seriously though, the BrewCave is the walk in cooler that has everything!
Image: KegWorks

To keep beer cold, the panels have a four-inch insulation cord, and the locking devices are operable from the inside in case you’re trapped inside. Just because it’s designed for restaurants, bars and hotels doesn’t mean you can’t install the Brew Cave in your man cave.

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