Bike Rack Design Concept is Versatile and Scalable (Photos)

Image: Vim & Vigor

Try your luck finding space in a bike rack in New York City.

With the number of riders increasing 28 percent from 2009 to 2010, it can be a challenge to park your fixie. This is where Vim & Vigor come into play.

The New York City design firm sought an elegant and effective solution to the city’s rack shortage, creating the P1 Bike Rack, a design concept that would safely hold three bikes at a time, with multiple locking points at raised levels. The rails give the bikes support to prevent them from falling down on sidewalks and streets.

The beauty of P1′s design is that it’s flexible, scalable and incredibly simple. Cities and businesses can place multiple P1s in a variety of patterns that best utilize and fit the space.

Image: Vim & Vigor
Image: Vim & Vigor
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