A Socially Responsible Graffiti Pen?

Image: Suck.uk.com

It often baffle me why people would deface public property. But one U.K. retailer is selling a more socially acceptable graffiti pen. The Grime Writer is a marker filled with detergent that cleans as you tag — like a Tide pen for street art.

BoingBoing warns that this likely isn’t more legal than spray paint: “here’ve been successful prosecutions against companies in the UK that paid ‘street teams’ to ‘reverse-graffiti’ their messages by using detergent and stencils to selectively clean away grime from public walls, leaving behind commercial messages.”

Image: Suck.uk.com

Still, Grime Writer (£7.50, or US$12) is promoting itself as a way to “leave your mark wherever you find muck,” by incorporating a sense of community to help clean up the streets.

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