Grocery Shop at the Airport


Whenever I come back from a long trip, I start stressing about what I’m going to eat for dinner when I get home. Like most people, I empty out my fridge of all perishables that may go bad while I’m gone, which usually leaves me with a jar of olives and a bottle of mustard. U.K travelers going through Gatwick Airport are getting a chance to avoid that fate by setting up food delivery before they return from a trip. The grocery chain Tesco is testing out virtual grocery store lounge.

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The U.K. grocery store chain is testing an interactive grocery store that let shoppers browse virtual

shelves holding 80 products. A smartphone app allows the shopper to scan a bar code and add the item to a virtual shopping cart. When it's time to check out, the shopper picks a date for delivery, up to three weeks in advance. According to the BBC, this is Tesco’s way of competing with the growth of mobile shopping, which is expected to account for 15 percent of all online shopping by the end of the year. The chain insists the virtual grocery store isn’t a gimmick; instead it’s an opportunity to get customer feedback and meet the demand for shopping on the go.

Gimmick or not, if it keeps jet-lagged travelers from having to trek the aisles of a grocery store after a long vacation, it’s got a good chance of becoming a convenient feature in airports everywhere.

via BBC

Credit: Tesco

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