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SocialVest iPhone App: Free

Sure, some companies donate shoes or clothes to needy kids every time you make a purchase, but there’s only so many pairs of canvas shoes you can own. Socialvest is an app that has partnered with major retailers to donate money to nonprofit organizations. The company has a site with a browser app that alerts online shoppers when a store they are browsing is active with them to collect donations.

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If the person decides to buy something, 1 to 15 percent of that purchase will go to a Socialvest account. Money from this account can then be donated to a non-profit of the user’s choice. By partnering with major retailers like Home Depot, Target, Nordstrom and Best Buy, the company might have just found a way to combat all of that consumerist guilt so many of us feel after an online shopping binge.

via CNET

Credit: SocialVest

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