Remote Thermometer Lets You Barbecue from Inside


iGrill: $99.99

Ah, summertime. There's nothing more manly than standing over a sweltering barbecue, flames leaping out, smoke surrounding and blinding you…actually, come to think of it, wouldn't it be better just to chill inside? The iGrill Bluetooth thermometer can make you look like a culinary genius — without the second-degree burns and temporary loss of sight. Just pair it to your iPad, stick the probe into the meat on the grill, open up the free app and walk away.

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From the comfort of indoors (up to 200 feet away), access the app, select the meat you're cooking and the app sets an audible alarm on both the thermometer and the iPad. Along the way, it'll give you the meat's temperature and estimated remaining cooking time. Fancy grillers can buy an extra probe, stick it into the device and track two different cooking alarms at once! And lastly, recognizing the need for protection from all that messy barbecue splatter, iDevices just released a snazzy new apron — not for you, but for the iGrill, which (although less fun) can also be used as a regular digital thermometer on its own (without an iPad) alongside either a barbecue or conventional oven.

Credit: iDevices

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