Look Like an Ugly Brad Pitt or Michael Jackson


Let's face it (pun intended) — at some point or another, we've all wanted to assume new identities. Well, thanks to Spanish artist Arturo Castro, doing so will soon become a bit easier … and a little creepy, too.

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Castro has created what he calls "real-time face substitution." It's software capable of tracking the facial movements of the eyes, chin, cheeks and mouth, by which it then superimposes a new mug over the user's face, much like a virtual 3-D mask.

Castro made the software using the open-source frameworks of Kyle McDonald's ofxFacetracker and Jason Saragih's FaceTracker library.

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As you'll see, the technology is still a little choppy in some places. But with some tweaking, don't be surprised if this doesn't become the next hot new app. Some of the faces don't quite match up, but when they do — as is the case with the Michael Jackson face — the effect is eerily spot-on. So without  further ado, feast your eyes upon Arturo Castro morphing into Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, just to name a few famous faces.

Faces from arturo castro on Vimeo.

[Via Gizmodo]


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