Sidewalk Stones Are Wi-Fi Hotspots


So, one day your walking down the street and you realize you need wireless Internet, ASAP! Whether it’s because you forgot to turn in a paper or you just have to check how much costs on Amazon — you gotta get online. Instead of wandering into a coffee shop or bookstore, what if you could just step onto the sidewalk? A Spanish tech company designed sidewalk paving stones, called iPavement, that are Wi-Fi hotspots.

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The stones are wired to 1,000-watt cables and contain a 5GB microprocessor that will connect with devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to provide coverage. IPavement will also provide cloud-based apps that provide info on local area maps, recommendations for local shopping or dining as well as coupons. Building on the local amenities, the apps will also alert users when there are road hazards or sidewalk obstructions along the way. It’s recommended that iPavement stones be installed no more than 66 feet apart to ensure seamless coverage.

via Gizmag

Credit: iPavement

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