Caller ID With A Social Twist


It’s a horrible feeling to receive a phone call from someone and, despite the constant updates on Facebook and Twitter, you recall little of the person's life situation. WhitePages has released an app, Current, that can help in these awkward situations by giving a quick insight into someone’s life when or before they call.

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Graphs accessible through the app indicate how often you connect with the person. When you scroll through your contacts, little tidbits about the person's day are displayed, including weather in their area and their latest Facebook and Twitter posts. The information could give a hint as to why the person is calling. For example: If a friend has posted that she's just had a baby, she may be calling to give you the good news.

Or maybe several posts indicate that your friend is moving. You might be inclined to skip a call from him to avoid lugging boxes around on your one free Saturday. (Some friend you are.) If that’s the case, the app can let you know when would be the next best time to call that person back (and offer dinner as an apology for being “so busy.”), based on their location and the last time you spoke.

The app is an update to the former WhitePages application, and unlike that one, Current is free. Check it out in the Google Play store if you want a little more from your phone’s caller ID.

Video Credit: WhitePages

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