Translator App Speaks in a Foreign Tongue


AT&T Translator App: Free

AT&T Translator App: Free

When traveling overseas, I’ve run into situations where I really needed to communicate with someone, but didn't have time to break out my language dictionary. There are many smartphone apps that can translate phrases via voice or text, but they usually can't do the talking for you in a pinch. The AT&T Translator app skips a step and translates what you say in English (or whatever your native tongue may be) into the desired language and speaks it out loud with a computer-generated voice.

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The beefed-up version of AT&T’s previous app uses Watson Speech API and Natural Voices programs to transcribe and "speak" back words. The company claims using the translator results in conversation-quality interaction, much like talking on the telephone. The app can translate English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish and will be available on iTunes for Apple and Google Play for Android.

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Credit: AT&T

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