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Alternative Power Sources

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Oct 1, 2015 02:00 PM ET // Eric Niiler
The new fuel has an unexpected side benefit, too — 12 percent fewer emissions than conventional fuels.
Oct 1, 2015 10:50 AM ET // AFP
A multi-band antenna and a type of battery that converts alternating current to direct current is turning Wi-Fi into power.
Sep 30, 2015 04:00 PM ET // Glenn McDonald
New type of organic component could actually increase a battery's performance over time. Continue reading →
Sep 29, 2015 04:00 PM ET // Renee Morad
A new startup company wants to sell mass-produced, affordable homes characterized by innovation and sustainability. Continue reading →
Sep 29, 2015 04:00 PM ET // Glenn McDonald
Art meets science in an effort to bring nations together -- literally. Continue reading →
Sep 29, 2015 10:00 AM ET // Discovery.com staff
Capable of carrying up to 7,000 students, researchers and professors, the 3,000-foot vessel runs completely on renewable energy, producing no waste.
Sep 25, 2015 06:30 AM ET // Eric Niiler
It may not matter because China is too big an opportunity for high tech firms to pass up.
Sep 23, 2015 04:25 PM ET // Glenn McDonald
Three different sizes produce power output to at 400 watts, 1,000 watts and 2.500 watts.
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