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Nov 22, 2015 05:30 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
The techniques that Antarctic penguins use to avoid becoming living popsicles may soon be applied to airplane design. Continue reading →
Nov 17, 2015 07:01 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
A survey of over 100 animals shows which ones have the most impressive goods.
Nov 13, 2015 09:30 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Life just got better for some 3,000 species of plants and animals that gained protection after a 3.3-million-acre park was approved.
Nov 15, 2015 07:00 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Having a bad hair day? It’s probably nothing compared to what these incredibly hairy animals experience 24/7.
Nov 3, 2015 06:29 PM ET // Danny Clemens, DSCOVRD
Wildfires raging out of control in Indonesia have spurred largely preventable humanitarian, climate and environmental crises -- and it's all happened before. Continue reading →
Oct 21, 2015 10:23 AM ET // Danny Clemens, DSCOVRD
A compound commonly found in the 14,000 tons of sunscreen that enter reefs annually is detrimental to coral health, research shows. Continue reading →
Oct 20, 2015 08:00 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Vultures are among the toughest animals on Earth, according to the first-ever reported Eurasian vulture genome.
Oct 20, 2015 10:50 AM ET // Talal Al-Khatib
One of these things is a lot like the others.
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