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Mar 22, 2016 07:00 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Humans can clearly be violent, but new research suggests there are serial killers throughout the animal kingdom.
Mar 8, 2016 08:08 AM ET // Talal Al-Khatib
Understanding the origins of ill will could some day help scientists prevent violence before it happens.
Jan 21, 2016 08:36 AM ET // Tia Ghose, LiveScience
Remains found in Kenya of a slaughter from 10,000 years ago suggests warfare may have existed even before humans began agriculture.
Dec 9, 2015 07:00 AM ET // Talal Al-Khatib
The Second Amendment has been the subject of debate for centuries now, and you might be surprised to find where that still-unsettled dispute has led the United States.
Dec 4, 2015 09:15 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, suspected of murdering 14 people this week in California, are just one of several couples who have been linked to multiple killings.
Nov 20, 2015 12:35 PM ET
Psychologists have been trying for 40 years to divine the minds of those who commit brutal acts of terrorism. Do all terrorists have a particular personality disorder? DNews looks at the research.
Nov 20, 2015 09:35 AM ET // Sheila M. Eldred
Sex strikes, as the one portrayed in a new Spike Lee film, have had a long history, albeit with mixed results.
Oct 8, 2015 11:10 AM ET
As another mass shooting captures headlines, Seeker Daily examines the current state of gun purchasing in America. Are background checks enough? Can would-be criminals every really be stopped from acquiring a gun?
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