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Dec 14, 2015 11:57 AM ET
It would be the end of the world, as we know it, and we would not feel fine. If we got hit with the business end of a gigantic coronal mass ejection, our power grid could be cooked and we'd literally go dark. Can we do anything about it?
Dec 8, 2015 09:25 AM ET // Mike Wall,
Such an event could wreak havoc on Earth's technology-dependent society.
Dec 9, 2015 07:00 AM ET // Elizabeth Howell
While monitoring our sun's extreme environment, the veteran Solar and Heliospheric Observatory has seen some weird and sometimes unexpected things.
Dec 4, 2015 07:00 AM ET // Glenn McDonald
DigiTruck project brings education and digital literacy to off-grid locations. Continue reading →
Nov 13, 2015 12:10 PM ET
NASA has released 30 minutes of the most amazing, high-resolution video footage of the sun ever. DNews points out some key events visible on our gassy friend in the sky.
Sep 12, 2015 12:35 PM ET // Mike Wall,
Sunday's eclipse will be visible to observers throughout South Africa, as well as people in the southern parts of Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.
Sep 11, 2015 06:41 AM ET // Renee Morad
With a unique, kirigami-inspired design, these solar panels produce 36 percent more energy than traditional panels.
Aug 21, 2015 11:30 AM ET // Elizabeth Howell
A delicate sunshield unfolded on a test unit of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.
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