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Nov 25, 2015 07:23 AM ET
Lasers have hit the mainstream. They're everywhere! And now ultra-precise weapons are in the works based around these targeted waves of light.
Nov 23, 2015 08:36 AM ET
Most people probably think of the nuclear bombs exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the most powerful blasts mankind has unleashed. But those explosions are mere whispers compared to modern bombs.
Nov 11, 2015 07:47 AM ET
From the Somali Civil War to the Darfur conflict, more than two-dozen turbulent clashes plague Africa.
Nov 10, 2015 05:00 AM ET
The International Atomic Energy Agency is aligned with the United Nations and functions as the world's nuclear weapons watchdog, attempting to keep nuclear countries honest in their agreements.
Nov 5, 2015 11:57 AM ET
The U.S. military has been taking some cues from comic-tech in recent years, designing gear for Air Force operators that's so slick it would win the approval of Bruce Wayne himself.
Nov 4, 2015 10:41 AM ET // Irene Klotz
The 67-foot tall Super Strypi rocket began falling from the sky less than a minute after launch.
Oct 30, 2015 04:40 AM ET
Conflict in and over the South China Sea has been a long-running affair. But, while much smaller and less well equipped, the Vietnamese military has a history of sending larger powers to defeat.
Oct 26, 2015 04:45 AM ET
Purportedly official leaked documents have shined a light on the escalated drone strike program used by the United States in recent years. How many innocents have died?
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