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Nov 13, 2014 09:05 AM ET // AFP
As the country faces a seventh straight yearly increase in rhino poaching, a panel of experts is studying an unusual proposal to battle the problem.
Jun 16, 2014 11:00 AM ET // Richard Farrell
Popular resident of Tsavo National Park in Kenya had tusks so big they were recognizable even from the air.
Jan 28, 2014 02:45 PM ET // AFP
Undercover video footage shows workers cutting up the large dotted back fins of whale sharks.
Sep 7, 2012 09:11 AM ET // Tim Wall
Ivory has replaced blood diamonds as a major source of cash for criminal armies.
Jul 14, 2011 09:48 AM ET // Tim Wall
The City of Oak Park, Michigan, is prosecuting a front-yard vegetable garden owner for not following the neighborhood lawns.