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Feb 9, 2016 08:55 AM ET // AFP
The Electrify Africa Act, signed into law on Monday, gives 50 million Africans access to power.
Jan 28, 2016 01:30 PM ET // Kieran Mulvaney
A simple change in power line technology could slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading →
Jan 6, 2016 11:54 AM ET
Energy drinks are known for their quick boosts, particularly to the hectic lives of young people. But, there may be dangerous, life-threatening lows to go with those highs.
Dec 28, 2015 04:19 PM ET // Danny Clemens, DSCOVRD
The ruptured Aliso Canyon gas well is spewing 62 million cubic feet of invisible methane into the San Fernando Valley each day, forcing evacuations and school closures. Continue reading →
Dec 28, 2015 09:00 AM ET
As trash levels rise, nations are forced to create new solutions for dealing with it. What are countries doing with their waste?
Dec 12, 2015 07:00 AM ET // Patrick J. Kiger
Turning the tops of buildings into green space is a way to improve the urban environment and make it more pleasant, too.
Dec 9, 2015 06:30 PM ET // Patrick J. Kiger
The Chinese capital's air is chronically unhealthy, and even stricter pollution regulations aren't eliminating the risk. Continue reading →
Dec 9, 2015 02:12 PM ET // Patrick J. Kiger
The good news is that levels are too low to pose a threat to humans. Continue reading →
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