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Apr 19, 2016 05:00 PM ET // Elizabeth Howell
Here are some of the intrepid spacecraft who have joined the 'interstellar dust club' and picked up particles from outside the solar system.
Feb 3, 2016 01:00 PM ET // Irene Klotz
Gravity measurements taken by the orbiting Rosetta spacecraft show the body of comet 67 P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is about 75 percent dust and 25 percent ice all the way through.
Aug 25, 2015 07:00 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Dust gathering in homes at this very moment is more alive than you might think.
Jul 8, 2015 08:02 PM ET // Elizabeth Howell
The New Horizons mission contains the most distant student experiment in our solar system.
Jul 7, 2015 05:11 PM ET // Brian Kahn, Climate Central
Greenland's melt season started slow but is suddenly speeding up due to warm weather and dark ice. Continue reading →
Mar 18, 2015 02:25 PM ET // Irene Klotz
Scientists using NASA’s Mars-orbiting MAVEN spacecraft discovered a mysterious cloud of dust hundreds of miles above the planet’s surface -- and no explanation for how it got there.
Feb 26, 2015 03:54 PM ET // Brian Kahn, Climate Central
New satellite data shows how Sahara dust in the wind makes it to the Amazon, ensuring its survival. Continue reading →
Feb 20, 2015 02:11 PM ET // Ian O'Neill
By watching how an exoplanet orbiting the star Beta Pictoris interacts with circumstellar dust, astronomers are beginning to understand how to look for the dusty fingerprints of hidden alien worlds. Continue reading →
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