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Feb 3, 2016 04:40 AM ET
Since 1948, U.N. peacekeepers have been sent to war-torn regions as a neutral force. What are peacekeepers and what are their duties?
Jan 28, 2016 05:34 AM ET
Pakistan and Bangladesh have had rocky relations since Britain ended its rule in the region in 1947. Why don't the countries get along?
Jan 27, 2016 09:45 AM ET
Lebanon is one of the Middle East's most diverse nations, but it's surrounded by turmoil. Is Lebanon's stability in jeopardy?
Nov 12, 2015 04:07 AM ET
Is India causing a fuel crisis in Nepal? Elements of a new constitution in Nepal have sparked a conflict between the two countries, as tensions have risen and fuel has grown scarce for the Nepalese people.
Nov 11, 2015 07:47 AM ET
From the Somali Civil War to the Darfur conflict, more than two-dozen turbulent clashes plague Africa.
Oct 21, 2015 06:00 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Punching cadaver arms support the theory that men’s hands evolved, not only for dexterity, but also for fist fighting.
Sep 30, 2015 09:37 AM ET
Tensions are rising fast between Ethiopia and Eritrea, but that's actually nothing new. What's behind their long-running animosity toward each other?
Aug 25, 2015 09:58 AM ET
A 2015 poll found that more than 80 percent of Russians have negative opinions about the United States. What gives? The answer is wrapped in a long history of tension between the two countries.
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