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Dec 15, 2015 07:16 PM ET // Elizabeth Howell
Say if Mars had intelligent beings able to talk to us at the same time as we talked to them -- how would that have changed our history?
Nov 24, 2015 04:00 PM ET // Glenn McDonald
Innovative renewable energy system could be a game-changer for remote communities. Continue reading →
Nov 17, 2015 07:00 AM ET // Irene Klotz
In the search for Earth-like worlds beyond the solar system, Kepler-438b seems to have it all. Alas, its angry star is a poor host for any potential lifeforms.
Nov 15, 2015 07:00 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Having a bad hair day? It’s probably nothing compared to what these incredibly hairy animals experience 24/7.
Nov 10, 2015 04:00 PM ET // Glenn McDonald
NASA scientist offers kits for genetic hacking ranging from $75 to $5,000. Continue reading →
Oct 26, 2015 09:00 PM ET // Talal Al-Khatib
Astronauts are known for being in peak physical condition, but everyone gets sick at one point or another.
Oct 26, 2015 07:49 PM ET // Ian O'Neill
EVE Online is about to launch a real-world crowdsourcing science project within the game mechanic, using a huge player base to help characterize proteins in the human body.
Oct 22, 2015 02:43 PM ET // Danny Clemens, DSCOVRD
Dozens of artistically inclined biologists used microbes and agar gel to craft selfies, still lifes and landscapes in petri dishes.
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